Tokenizing nft gaming investment

Private Sale Ends in !

Total Raised 18.8% = 18800 $BUSD



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Consistency Labs platform prioritize $CLX token holder to start top-notch blockchain gaming projects with less investment. For example, everyone to start with "Axie Infinity" require almost 2000$ worth of ETH also it is very difficult to get into the scholar program. Consistency Labs platform reduces the risk of volatility of $AXS and $SLP tokens and ROI duration.

Be part of the Consistency Labs platform and holding $CLX token you will be prioritized to get into "Axie Infinity" and upcoming blockchain games. We also buy back $CLX token on market price with 50% profit on our investment in blockchain gaming projects. 50% profit will be use for project development and reward programs.

Our Values

Trust Is Earned When Actions Meet Words


Transparency will be our main goal to achieve always in all activities make on the Consistency Labs platform. Users can verify all the transactions on blockchain Explorer.

Community Growth

Community plays a main role in the growth of any crypto project. We will always listen to our community and help them to start their play to earn blockchain gaming experience with low investment..

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports will be presented. Where we will explain to all in detail activities regard our investment, community growth, and token value strength.

Available Liquidity in $BUSD


Total Scholars


Making blockchain gaming projects investment near to free for everyone to start with, more profitable and risk free.

Start with Low Investment as 10000 CLX Token

Staking "10000 CLX" make you a value investor at Consistency Labs platform. You will be prioritized to give you everything required to start playing "Axie Infinity" and the upcoming blockchain games we will invest.

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Token Growth for Investors

A very small circulating supply will be issued in the market as per need. With buying back mechanism on the market price with 50% profit of our investment in blockchain gaming projects token. CLX Token price will keep move upward to give peace of mind to our CLX Token Buyers.

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High-Liquidity Token

We will always keep buy back $CLX on market price with our 50% profit in blockchain gaming projects to keep enough liquidity for our $CLX token holder and buyers. We will keep buying back program transparent. Each transaction will be shared with our users and they can verify it on block explorer

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Token Sale Round and Price


Private Sale

$0.01 / CLX
  • Total Allocation = 10M
  • End Date = 31 JAN 2022
  • Minimum = 100 $BUSD
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Presale Round 1

$0.0125 / CLX
  • Total Allocation = 10M
  • Start Date = TBA
  • End Date = TBA
  • Minimum = 125 $BUSD

Presale Sale Round 2

$0.015 / CLX
  • Total Allocation = 8.34M
  • Start Date = TBA
  • End Date = TBA
  • Minimum = 150 $BUSD

Public Sale

$0.0175 / CLX
  • Total Allocation = 2.86M
  • Start Date = TBA
  • End Date = TBA
  • Minimum = 175 $BUSD


Frequently Asked Questions

Consistency Labs



We are built on Binance Smart Chain.

Private sale price is 0.01$USD = 1 CLX

Token Listing price will be 0.02 $USD.


Our hard working team

Atif Mehmood

Founder & Product Designer

Over 4 year in crypto currency huge experience in designing and managing blockchain projects. An Expert in Defi projects as advisor and marketing.

Miss, T. Tongu

Product Partner

A Vast experience as a Product Manager. Now exploring the blockchain technology and nft gaming metaverse by being product partner at Consistency Labs

Joyce Calapatia

CMO Chief Marketing Officer

Head of our Marketing Team huge experience in managing Digital Marketing, Media planning, ePR, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Art and Creation. Head of developing ICO interaction technique and helping develop the consistency Labs brand.

Our Investment Project

Top-Notch Blockchain Gaming Projects


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